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“JB’s American Diner is one of those unique Brighton eccentricities”

one of those must visit places that make people travel for miles to the city

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JB’s Souvenir Shop

Welcome to JB’s Nostalgia gift shop. We have some great products in our Gift Shop including a JB’ s Teddy bear which one will always reminds you on a stay with us, mugs, postcards, magnets, glass cases, mirrors, metal signs… We have an ever growing range of American goodies...

Ice Creams

Nothing can beat the JB’s authentic Knickerbocker glory sundaes. Delicious custard, jelly, Yorwel smooth ice cream, whipped cream and choice of Oreo cookies, marshmallows, fruit…. Do you want to enjoy the ice cream on the Brighton seafront? Pop in then… The Story of the knickerbocker glory The year was...


JB’s diner well known for a breathtaking milkshakes such an Oreo, Peanut butter, Cherry, Milky Way, Blueberry, Lucky Charms…. Do you prefer Original Mountain Dew or A&W Root beer with your Burger? – No problem, all imported from the States. All our Coke range is served in icon bottles,...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Sat-Sun 9am-10pm

Customer Testimonials

Laurie K, London

Laurie K, London

While there are many “American” Diners in the UK, most are just poor imitations and don’t justify the title. JB’s however does. It’s success can be seen by its popularity.

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